Nesting Boxes

Besides having the water and food in your yard the nesting boxes will encourage birds to stay. By keeping a box in your yard you are enabling cavity nesting birds to stay around all year.

The most common boxes are the wren house for the smaller birds and the blue bird house for larger birds. There are also nest shelves which are open and attract robins, doves, swallows.

Houses mounted on metal poles with a baffle underneath will thwart predators better than ones attached to a tree or hanging from a limb. The height in most cases is between six to fifteen feet off the ground. Do not place the nesting box near your feeder. In warm climates it is best to have your nest facing east, to warm the box during the day. At the end of the season, clean the box by scraping out the old nesting material. If there are parasites in the nesting box it is alright to wash the box with water (eight parts) and bleach (1 part).